Amgros as a place to work

Amgros is an exciting and diverse organisation under rapid development. We are proactive, dynamic and innovative. We have a strong professional environment and very skilled employees with extensive knowledge within their respective fields. We employ around 90 people.


At Amgros, we are devoted to a motivational management style and short decision-making paths. We are not afraid of giving our employees responsibility and autonomy. We believe in freedom with responsibility. As an employee at Amgros, you will have plentiful opportunities for professional and personal development and you will have a say in shaping the future of the company.


Amgros is located at Dampfaergevej in Copenhagen, but many employees work from other locations.


Read what some of our employees have to say about working at Amgros.


Thomas Smith, graduate in pharmacy, Senior specialist, Business Analysis. Has worked at Amgros since 2005.


"Right from the start, I felt that Amgros was a really good place to work. Here are good opportunities for professional exchange of ideas and knowledge, which means a lot to me. We are a diverse group of employees with different backgrounds. I have really good opportunities for development, both professionally and personally. The atmosphere here is very relaxed and we have good social relations."


Brian Lolk, IT Manager. Has worked at Amgros since 2013.


"I've been really well received at Amgros. I used to perform external consultancy work for the company, so I knew a little bit about what I was getting into before I started. My work assignments are varied and they give me both influence and responsibility. The company's development plans within the IT area bear evidence to its modern outlook. It's a dynamic workplace with an excellent working environment."


Lisbeth Petersen, pharmaconomist, coordinator, Tendering and Logistics. Has worked at Amgros since 1992.


" I would describe Amgros as an ever-developing company. I have been at Amgros for 21 years and I stay on, because its such an inspiring workplace. You have to constantly develop and stay on the ball, and you develop as an employee along with the company. In my opinion, the best thing about Amgros is that there is trust and freedom with responsibility, as well as a great respect across the organisation. We also have a fantastic social environment where we laugh together and care for each other."



”Amgros is a really good place to work, if you are ambitious and thrive on being in a company that is in constant development”