Strategy for green hospitals aligns well with Amgros’ ambitions

The regions’ joint strategy for green hospitals aligns well with Amgros’ ambition for more sustainable supply. By setting joint climate targets across both the regions and Amgros, we can all now steer developments in the same ambitious direction. This increases the likelihood of achieving the regions’ overall goals for carbon reductions.

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15. JANUAR 2024

The new green hospitals strategy from the regions is in tune with Amgros’ ambition for more sustainable supply. The action track in the strategy includes green requirements in tendering procedures, less medicine waste, and cooperation with suppliers. These are just some of the actions in the regions’ joint strategy for green hospitals.

“Our ambition at Amgros for more sustainable supply already entails that we will help reduce the climate impact of medicines through the entire supply chain. In this context, the regions' new strategy for green hospitals is in line with Amgros’ own goals and experience with respect to setting environmental requirements in our tendering procedures for hospital medicines. Common regional goals will increase the probability that we achieve the regions’ overall targets,” says Flemming Sonne, CEO of Amgros.


Besides three tracks for action, the regions’ strategy includes five supporting measures. Two of these are directly aimed at Amgros and our task to supply medicines to public hospitals.

Firstly, the regions will establish a common climate management model that can show the potential to reduce carbon emissions in all areas. Secondly, Amgros and the Region of Southern Denmark have been appointed to lead exploration and development of potentials to reduce the climate footprint of hospital medicines. 

“Amgros was involved in work to develop the new strategy for green hospitals. And we will contribute data to the joint climate management model. We believe that the right course is to work together with all the relevant parties. In this way we can allocate responsibilities between us and make optimal use of resources,” says Flemming Sonne.

Read the full green hospitals strategy (in Danish) here

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