Urgent contact - adverse effects

If you need to contact us concerning adverse effects of SAD pharmaceuticals, please use the mail address or list of contacts below

Anyone can report adverse effects from using a SAD drug directly to Amgros via email to safety@amgros.dk or by contacting Quality on telephone +45 88713000.

If you have an urgent need to contact Amgros outside normal business hours concerning SAD pharmaceuticals, e.g. regarding adverse effects, please contact by telephone the following:

Camilla Wudtke Tøttrup
Senior specialist, Qualified person responsible for pharmacovigilance (QPPV)
Tlf. + 45 88 71 30 33
Tlf. + 45 51 94 46 34

Christina Fenger 
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Quality
Tlf. +45 35 29 39 50 
Tlf. +45 22 84 88 85


Urgent contact - adverse effects

About Amgros

We secure supplies of medicines for public hospitals through efficient procurement and tendering procedures. We are advisors and consultants for key players in the healthcare sector, with whom we share important and highly specialist knowledge. Thus, Amgros helps provide the right conditions for better health solutions.

Urgent contact - adverse effects

SAD and magistral pharmaceuticals

SAD pharmaceuticals generally cover patients with special needs, and in many cases they cannot be purchased from the industry.