We live in a time with serious challenges, not least in relation to our climate and the environment. Therefore, we’re in constant dialogue with our cooperation partners in Denmark and abroad. Because when we listen and work together, we achieve the best results - for all parties

In a complex landscape, with many actors, our focus is on securing solid operations, while also thinking innovatively and being flexible and agile. Through our profound understanding of our cooperation partners, we aim at finding new solutions. We want to create new knowledge, we want to find knowledge, and we want to be the link that brings together knowledge from every corner of the healthcare sector. Our goal is that we all become more knowledgeable and more skilful.

We have developed strong and efficient national cooperation with our partners. This enables us to carry out our tasks with the entire chain in mind; right from the patient to the supplier. One result of this approach is that the Regions can start using new drugs very quickly.

When we look into the future, the need for common solutions for the health area will only become greater. This applies in particular to the enormous task of reducing environmental and climate impacts of medicines and promoting responsible corporate behaviour in all links of the supply chain. We cannot do this alone.

 Therefore, we see opportunities in new collaboration; nationally, internationally and across sectors. We want to help build bridges between political-administrative environments, clinical needs and commercial interests to achieve balanced solutions. Together, we can achieve more cost-effective health solutions. This is a win-win for us all.

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At Amgros, we talk to our cooperation partners. This is the only way we can find solutions that take us forward and that we can all be happy with.
Flemming Sonne,

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National cooperation

Amgros plays an active role in developing the healthcare system. We forge cooperation with and between all parties who help ensure that hospitals have the right pharmaceuticals, hearing aids and medical devices available to treat patients at public hospitals.


International cooperation

Amgros has a vision to be internationally recognised as a role model in translating healthcare needs into action. Because the medicines market is global and we have to navigate internationally to ensure access to medicines for Danish patients