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As an employee at Amgros, you will be part of a strong and broad professional environment, with about 130 dedicated colleagues. We constantly work across departments and professional competences. This provides good conditions for personal development. And then, there's perspective and sense in what we do. Everyone at Amgros helps in their own way to forge the conditions for more cost-effective health solutions for Danes.

Hear about what it is like to work at Amgros

We asked two of our employees, and this film provides an insight into how they experience their workplace and not least what it is that drives them up to meet up at the office every morning (in Danish).



Amgros was set up with one very clear objective. We want to create the best conditions for more cost-effective health solutions. We do this by ensuring that Danish public hospitals have the right medicine and that these are available at the right price, in the right place, at the right time and at the right quality.

All our employees are involved in this task, regardless of their education, tasks, or roles. Therefore, Amgros is the right workplace for anyone who wants to make a real difference for others. For our stakeholders in the hospital service, and for Danish patients.

"It makes sense to make a difference. Being small piece in a much larger puzzle, and doing something for others. That's what drives me."
Salima Benali,
Senior legal counsel

The tasks we perform in Amgros are often complex and require specialist competences. We have a very broad cross-section of specialist groups, including pharmacologists, pharmacists, health economists and lawyers. And we all need each other. Therefore, we are constantly working together across departments and specialist areas. And we work closely with our many external stakeholders in the health area.

As an employee at Amgros, you will be working with dedicated colleagues with a strong interest in their subject and a desire to share their knowledge with others. This provides good opportunities for each of us to acquire new knowledge, increase our competences and develop new ideas.

We are an organisation constantly on the move, and we aim to be at the very forefront of developments. Therefore, creativity and curiosity are two of the qualities that characterise our employees’ approach to their work.

As a project manager, I have a lot of cross-disciplinary work. Getting people to talk together so that we reach shared solutions and new values and don’t just think of our own narrow solutions can sometimes be a challenge. There’s almost nothing that it isn’t cross-disciplinary. But there’s many examples of how we’ve been able to get through difficult tasks successfully. Together.
David Elsner,
Senior project manager

As an employee at Amgros, you will experience a high pace of work and an equally high level of ambition. However, even though we place high demands on each other, we are also aware of the importance of a good work-life balance. A good balance between work life and private life is vital.

We believe that wellbeing and job satisfaction nurture good results for Amgros. This is a shared responsibility that we prioritise and encourage.

The same applies for equal treatment between genders. For this reason we have drawn up the first draft of a policy for gender equality.



At Amgros, you will sense that, as colleagues, we respect each other in our day-to-day work. But we are also interested in each other as people. This is manifested in a good social community in which we meet at informal events. For example, a brisk run along the waterfront with our running club or a chat over a beer at our Friday bar.


We have four core values at Amgros, and they permeate our entire workplace. The values signal both what we expect from each another as colleagues, and what our stakeholders and cooperation partners can expect from us as an organisation and as people.


  • I dare to challenge myself and my surroundings and question accepted norms.
  • I am flexible and I always strive to understand the world that I am a part of.


  • I act professionally, and I align my expectations with the needs and opportunities of my collaboration partners.
  • I make an effort, take responsibility for my assignments and keep my side of agreements.


  • I ensure dialogue by listening and asking questions in order to understand the needs and potentials of my collaboration partners
  • I am proactive and outreaching and I am open and honest in my communication

Job satisfaction

  • I am proud to make a difference.
  • I value my freedom and the responsibility that goes with it.
  • I am an enthusiast and I contribute to knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments.
  • I am always ready to help others and to take responsibility for ensuring a sense of community and a positive working environment, so that everyone can enjoy coming to work

Photographer: Anne-Li Engström

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Our workplace

Recruitment process

Thoroughness is one of the four core values, and this permeates everything we do at Amgros. It also applies for our recruitment; something we take very seriously.

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