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Updated wholesale distribution authorisation

Medicines are supplied in close cooperation with the Danish Medicines Agency during the Corona-pandemic.

See updated wholesale distribution authorisation here

Supplies of medicines during the Corona-pandemic

Authorisation of activities with euphoriant substances

Our important cooperation partners

Knowledge, dialogue and cooperation are our most important tools. Amgros can only be something worthwhile if we work with others: With our owners in the regions, with our cooperation partners at hospital pharmacies and hearing clinics, with our suppliers in industry and with all of our valued partners in the administrative and the political system.

Together with our cooperation partners, we create more cost-effective health solutions. This is a win-win for us all.

At Amgros, we talk to our cooperation partners. This is the only way we can find solutions that take us forward and that we can all be happy with.
Flemming Sonne,
Chief executive officer

What is Amgros’ mission?

Amgros’ mission is to provide the best conditions for better healthcare.

Our most important task is to ensure that Danish public hospitals have the right medicine and the right medical devices, and that these are available at the right price, in the right place, at the right time and in the right quality. Always keeping the patients’ best interests in mind.

We do this by organising and conducting tendering procedures and procurement for our owners: Danish Regions. In 2018 alone, we obtained cost savings of more than DKK four billion.

This film presents our core task and how we work.


Emergency contact

If you have an urgent need to contact Amgros or a hospital pharmacy - for example in connection with a recall of pharmaceuticals - you'll find relevant contact information here.

Emergency contact

Amgros’ DNA

Amgros’ DNA is deeply rooted in our employees and in our management; in fact, in everything we do.


Amgros is internationally recognised as a role model in translating healthcare needs into action

  • We are a natural sparring partner in developing the Danish healthcare service
  • We build and maintain our network to inspire ourselves and those that we help
  • We inspire countries that want to optimise their healthcare systems and achieve more cost-effective health solutions


With other players in the health sector, Amgros helps lay the foundation for better healthcare

  • We work closely with healthcare players to translate needs into action
  • We create financial leeway, so that more people can be offered treatment for the same investment
  • We are independent and impartial and we are not afraid to question existing practices
  • We share our knowledge and insight, so that other healthcare players can make the right choices on an informed basis


We are thorough, curious and bold, and we help create job satisfaction.


  • I act professionally, align my expectations with those of my cooperation partners, and I deliver results of high professional quality
  • I make an effort, take responsibility for my assignments and keep my side of agreements


  • I ensure dialogue by listening and asking questions in order to understand the needs and potentials of my cooperation partners
  • I am proactive and outreaching and I am open and honest in my communication


  • I dare to challenge myself and my surroundings
  • I am flexible and I always strive to understand the world that I am a part of

Job satisfaction

  • I am proud to make a difference I value my freedom and the responsibility that goes with it
  • I am an enthusiast and I contribute to knowledge sharing and collaboration across divisions
  • I am always ready to help others and to take responsibility for ensuring a sense of community and a positive working environment, so that everyone can enjoy coming to work


Through insight and understanding, we focus on ensuring that our work generates documented value.

  • We listen to and communicate with our stakeholders, so that we understand their day-to-day operations and special needs
  • We possess the expertise and insight required to deliver solutions that work across sectors, regions and national borders
  • We agree on and prioritise the areas which create verifiable value for our stakeholders, and we always evaluate the value and results that we help create in joint tasks

Use our knowledge


Knowledge and analyses

Amgros collects knowledge, and we then combine, enrich and analyse it. Knowledge is what drives our business, and we want to share our knowledge and make it available to all of our stakeholders. On this page, you'll find an overview of our analyses and reports. We regularly update the page with new publications.



Amgros aims to be the collaboration partner that gets things to work successfully for our many stakeholders. Dialogue and cooperation are two of our most important tools, and therefore we strive to be accessible and straightforward. This page has a list of all our employees.



About Amgros

Amgros secures the supply of drugs and hearing aids to public hospitals and hearing clinics. We do this through efficient procurement and tendering procedures.


Hearing aids

After a medical examination, all Danes with reduced hearing are entitled to a hearing aid from the public system every four years.



Danes are living longer. And we can treat more diseases, because new and better drugs are entering the market all the time. This is good. But it’s expensive. Therefore, it is important that we are at the forefront of market developments.


Medical devices

Since 2014, Amgros has cooperated with RFI - The Regions Joint Procurement on tendering procedures for medical devices for Danish public hospitals. This is still a new area for Amgros, and we are currently developing systems and procedures in collaboration with the Regions. We have helped in procurement of cleaning agents, radioactive pharmaceuticals elastomeric pumps, mesh nets, etc.


Our workplace

What is it like to work at Amgros? We asked three of our employees, and this film provides an insight into how they experience their workplace and not least what it is that drives them up to meet up at the office every morning.