Amgros has just published a tendering procedures for hearing aids at a value of more than DKK 750 million. For the first time in this area, quality and the environment will have more weight than price.

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24 APRIL 2024

Strict requirements are stipulated by Amgros in the almost DKK 1 bn. tendering procedure for hearing aids we have just announced. 

It must be possible to use the hearing aids in almost all situations. At work, at the cinema, at a book club and on the sports field. And they must fit both children and adults of all ages. Therefore, it is important for Amgros to establish a good agreement on a broad range of products and new technology.

More than half of the Danish population who use a hearing aid get their hearing aid from the public authorities. Every year, this amounts to more than 100,000 hearing aids. 

Therefore, staff at the regional public hearing clinics have also been invited to join user groups. A broad group of doctors, audiologists and assistant audiologists have helped stipulate requirements for technology, quality and user-friendliness.

- It's important that public hearing clinics can always offer new technology of high quality. However, it's also important that people of all ages can learn how to use their hearing aids in everyday life. In this context, staff at the hearing clinics hold important knowledge. Therefore, we always include them throughout the process to prepare our tendering procedures for hearing aids, said Flemming Sonne, CEO at Amgros I/S.


In our most recent tendering procedure for hearing aids, we have included competition requirements for sustainability. As this is a new area, initially there are requirements that suppliers only deliver hearing aids to hearing clinics once a week. Rather than every day. 

Suppliers will also be awarded points for not using dangerous plastic packaging. And there are points if they use recycled plastic, and if they do not use plastic at all. 

Finally, the contracts we draw up will require that we hold annual meetings with suppliers. As a minimum. The purpose of these meetings is to maintain ongoing dialogue with suppliers on their sustainability work.

- As it's a new area, it's important for us that the market is ready to live up to our requirements. It's also an area in rapid development. So we've assessed that we'll get more out of ongoing development of our requirements and criteria if we work with suppliers," said Flemming Sonne.

The upcoming agreements with suppliers will run for at least two years, with a maximum period of four years. Expected start of the contract is 1 March 2025.

The financial framework for the tendering procedure is around DKK 800 million. 

The deadline for participating in the procedure is 24 June 2024.

Karen Torgny

Senior Specialist- Communication

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